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Frozen Fruit Slushie


1 frozen banana
6 or more frozen strawberries
other fruits of your choice (optional)
1 cup or less apple juice (orange juice, grape juice, or any fruit juice mixes also work well for this recipe, with different results)


You can have your children help make this drink by letting them drop the fruit into the blender. Pour about 1/2 cup of apple juice into a blender. Add 1 frozen banana and blend. Add the strawberries and blend. If the mixture is thick, or the blender is having problems blending, add more fruit juice. Add the remaining frozen fruit and blend. Add juice as needed, to get the right thickness and texture that you want.

Frozen Fruit Drinks are best when made to the same consistency as a thick milk shake. Yield: approximately 4 cups.

Tips on freezing: When freezing bananas, remove the peel first. Cut the banana into halves and freeze in a container. If you use Kiwi, you will want to remove as many of the tiny black seeds as you can before freezing. Always remove stems and/or seeds from fruit before freezing.

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